Looking For Winsplit Revolution?

Bad news guys – Winsplit Revolution has been discontinued but there is good news as well so read on:

WinSplit Revolution experienced fantastic growth and became one of the most popular desktop tiling and organizing utilities. While the developers did receive compensation through donations the truth is that not many users donate to free software even though they find value in the program.

This is the core reason why so many free software programs are not updated or completely abandoned. Updating software and handling support queries without seeing some form of reward can become burdensome to the developers. The discontinuation of WinSplit should serve as a lesson to us all that sometimes giving back does benefit us in the long run.

If you are looking for a Desktop Window Manager and it is something that is going to help with your productivity and organization then you should consider paying for a program as there are many affordable programs out there that replicate the features of WinSplit Revolution and enhance overall user-experience with additional benefits that are value-adding.

One of the advantages of a paid program is that it will not disappear overnight as the developers receive reward and the users receive value from the program which makes it a win-win situation.

I have done the necessary research and uncovered a software that is cost-effective and superior to WinSplit. I have been in communication with the developer as well and he is a great guy.

Best WinSplit Revolution Alternative

By far the best alternative on the market is Mosaico by Soulid Studio!!!

Mosaico has received top rating in the Window Manager Category by various authoritative tech sites and the program continues to grow in features and popularity.

Mosaico possesses all the features of WinSplit Revolution but with a number of added benefits which include the following:

  The ability to save and restore any layout created, thus creating a layout for each activity (i.e. work, file browsing, internet, etc.)

  The ability to move applications to a predefined layout position simply by dragging them.

  Automatically launches closed applications, this is particularly useful at Windows startup whereas with WinSplit you could only act on already launched applications.

  The user interface is visually appealing with an impressive 3-D view of saved layouts and overall the software is more intuitive in comparison to the others on the market

  Mosaico is constantly developed and improved, and a license offers unlimited lifetime updates

  Mosaico is a paid software which means it will not disappear overnight and it is currently the cheapest alternative. It comes with a 14 day free trial which will give you the opportunity to try before you buy and it is also backed by a 30 day refund which eradicates any risks on your part

How Much Does It Cost?

For pricing information, free trial download and full feature list please click here!

Mosaico Video Demo Below:

(operational on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP – SP3)